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skin specialist hertford

Skin Specialist & Facial Therapist

Great skin requires commitment.

Only 10% of ageing is down to genetics, the rest is down to us! 

The sun, pollution, antibiotics, stress, junk food, smoking etc all have huge impacts on our skin.


Nourishing the skin daily with essential vitamins as well as other key nutrients and antioxidants will help reduce and delay the visible changes of ageing.  


Our bodies do not produce Vitamin A naturally so it is vital we either take a supplement or apply topically daily. 

Your skin deserves to look beautiful for life so invest in it wisely. Environ facials combine dual technology of sonophoresis and iontophoresis to target your skin concerns and give you the skin you want.


Treatments & Products


Low frequency Sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed Iontophoresis (electric current) is used to reach the lower layers of the skin for healthy-looking beautiful skin

skin specialist hertford


Environ skincare products are intended for all skin types, all ages and for both genders. They are packed full of essential nutrients to give beautiful healthy-looking skin


The Advanced Nutrition Programme 

skin specialist hertford


Learn more about the core philosophy of Feeding and Fortifying the skin


About me

I have always been passionate about looking after my own skin and after retraining at the International Institute of Anti-Ageing, I opened a clinic solely focussed on skin in Hertford.


I provide detailed consultations to help my clients achieve visible results offering skincare supplements, tailored facials, skincare products and home care plans. 


No matter your skin condition or skin type, I can help you achieve the skin you want.  



I had the most amazing youth reset facial with Lauren. My skin can be spot prone. I enjoyed the pamper and learning all about how to take care of my skin going forward. My skin now looks really healthy and my spots have healed and I am less blotchy. I am amazed at the outcome.

I've been using Environ products since January and have noticed a huge difference with my skin. I didn't realise how dehydrated it was and how much the vitamin A in these products has improved this. I also have regular facials with Lauren. She is so knowledgeable and really listens to what I am hoping to achieve with my skincare routine.  

I wanted to look my best for my upcoming wedding, so I've had a few facials from Lauren. Without a doubt, my skin has improved massively both texture and appearance. Lauren is very knowledgeable, gives good advice and works in a very professional and clean environment.

Emma, Hertford

Lucy, Stanstead Abbotts

Bill, Harlow

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